GRAYHAWK Recruits Strategic V.P. Finance Executive for PFC Brakes in South Carolina

DOWNLOAD SITUATION: As America’s leading brake technology specialists, the only thing PFC Brakes can’t put a stop to is success. PFC’s standing starts with the company credo, proudly emblazoned on their website: “We have built our company on a defiant philosophy: NO COMPROMISES.” Given their premium on excellence—check that. On exceeding excellence—why would PFC …

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Hiring Top Plant Controllers – Strategically Placed By Grayhawk Search

Plant Controller – The Problem  In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as quoted in, positioned opportunities for plant controllers on an upward trajectory. A growth of no less than 16% was forecasted over the ensuing seven years, a creation of over 100,000 opportunities by 2028: Then, of course, came Covid-19 and statistics …

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Key Controller Competencies Yesterday’s Controller However you spell it—“controller” or “comptroller”—the image is the same: a numerically gifted foot soldier dutifully overseeing a company’s financial reporting system. In addition, a controller keeps a keen eye on industry legislation, changes to taxation, and other relevant considerations.  But while a distinct talent for the timely practices of filing and …

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Is Your FP&A Team Boosting Your Share Price?

Are the managers and directors of your company’s FP&A team providing a realistic, rolling forecast? Are they responsibly sourcing, analyzing, and interpreting past company performance, capital expenditures against ROI, and contemporary and developing market trends? Are they ensuring that operational obstructions are properly identified and that your financial targets remain in sight? Or are they leaving your corporate strategy in a state of stagnation?

Grayhawk Search is a group of Finance Executive Search specialists devoted to the exploration and procurement of high-grade FP&A talent from around the world. We know exactly who you require to build or upgrade the FP&A team ideally suited to your organization, whether you’re an established business with an eye on continued growth or a promising startup looking to establish yourself in a competitive marketplace.

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ZipGrow’s aggressive growth plan required a strategic CFO. Grayhawk delivered. When ZipGrow approached Grayhawk, the 13-person firm had realized they had a potential home run on their hands. ZipGrow had a high-yield vertical farming system. Itcould be scaled from single-household to commercial size. They had acceptance in the marketplace, and ZipGrow were moving into international …

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What Should We Pay a CFO?

Considerations, Comparisons, Conclusion. In these uncertain, post-Covid times, the survival of your company may well rest on the caliber of your CFO. It’s small wonder the search for top CFO talent, those skilled at forecasting revenues and conserving cash balances, has grown increasingly competitive.

How to procure the proper candidate? By creating the perfect compensation package which, while being well within your company’s means, aggressively targets the savvy, seasoned professional. This potential candidate has the experience, vision, and leadership it takes to help your company rebuild, maintain, and expand.

Grayhawk Search is a group of Finance Executive Search specialists devoted to the exploration and acquisition of high-grade CFO talent from around the world.

As leading Finance Executive Search professionals directly responsible for scouting and securing high-grade CFOs, Grayhawk Search is widely recognized as a reliable authority on strategic CFO remuneration across a variety of industries, including software, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and the telecom sector.

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Time Is Money

A Targeted, Tested, and Timely Fit: What’s Missing in Your Finance Department? Is your finance team properly executing on your corporate strategy? Are they delivering on the key metrics driving shareholder value? Is your team spearheaded by a bona fide business leader? A CFO with an innate understanding of the unique dictates of your organization? …

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Why Our Clients Love Working With GRAYHAWK SEARCH

Why Our Clients Love Working With GRAYHAWK SEARCH GRAYHAWK SEARCH are Finance Executive Search specialists focused on delivering strategic Finance Executives for Clients seeking more value creation. We find & attract better passive talent, scientifically confirm profile & fit, and guarantee to deliver global Client CFO Search needs across the U.S. and Canada.  5/5

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The Top 3 CFO Challenges & Solutions

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are under tremendous pressure to keep companies operating smoothly. Reaching success as a CFO isn’t easy. According to an Oracle survey, the top three challenges facing CFOs today include too many responsibilities, cash flow, and lack of real-time information.

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