Hiring Top Plant Controllers – Strategically Placed By Grayhawk Search

Plant Controller – The Problem 

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as quoted in zippia.com, positioned opportunities for plant controllers on an upward trajectory. A growth of no less than 16% was forecasted over the ensuing seven years, a creation of over 100,000 opportunities by 2028: https://www.zippia.com/plant-controller-jobs/what-does-a-plant-controller-do/

Then, of course, came Covid-19 and statistics of another kind: projections of dramatic changes in operations, including that most dramatic of circumstances, shutdowns: https://www.nam.org/coronasurvey/

Today, however, manufacturing is back on its feet. As a result, the optimistic forecast proposed  by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is enjoying, with some adjustments, a renaissance. Plant controllers are once again in demand! As manufacturers seek to bring long-term stability to the provision of essential goods, they begin to address the long-suppressed appetite for other products.But how to find the “contemporary plant controller”? They need to qualify to meet the demands of the job, while comfortable with the industry adjustments. Now, thanks to Covid, is it a workaday reality? Furthermore, is the ideal such candidate, made to fit the unique demands of the facility in question?

Plant Controller – The Solution 

Grayhawk Search

When it comes to locating who best to handle your facility’s accounting function, identify operational risks, and oversee major transactions, Grayhawk, the world’s leading Finance Executive Search specialist, is the discerning eye. Grayhawk knows where and how to find the perfect fit for your manufacturing facility. The gold-star candidate best suited for both the one-of-a-kind demands of your operation, as well as the promotion and subsidization of a safe and functional work environment. 

Plant Controller – The Competencies

Unlike competing “headhunters,” Grayhawk’s renowned talent searches are rooted in scientifically-based, empirically proven methodology. As such, Grayhawk’s search for exemplary plant controllers is based on a bevy of reliable benchmarks. These include: 

  • Accuracy – Ensuring the preciseness of all financial statements and faithful adherence to all compliance and testing 
  • Leadership – Providing financial guidance to the site while improving operational efficiencies, including the promotion of best practices between facilities 
  • Vision – Preparing and updating financial forecasts, from oneyear to long-range operating plans, including the identification of impending operational risks  
  • Communication – Managing and mentoring finance team members, modeling and promoting efficiency and accuracy
  • Collaboration – Working with senior management to help drive special projects and negotiate major transactions

Plant Controller – The Preferences

As an industry leader in the art and science of Finance Executive Searching, Grayhawk exceeds expectations. Taking into account not only standard industry qualifications but additional considerations competitors often ignore. When it comes to uprooting today’s top plant controllers, these qualifications include… 

  • Education – A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance, MBA and/or CPA preferred, but also intimate knowledge of U.S. GAAP and IFRS reporting requirements, QAD and SAP familiarity preferred 
  • Experience – A minimum of five years in accounting, primarily in operational finance, including exposure to financial reporting, forecasting, cost accounting, and budgeting
  • Onsite Familiarity – A previous assignment at an operating location (plant or assembly site) 
  • Communication – A demonstrated ability to communicate at all levels of an organization, including the provision of clear and convincing information on complex issues  
  • Safety – An active interest in promoting “smart manufacturing,” including the subsidization of emergency-affected operational procedures, helping to underwrite a safe, functional workplace, and to steady incoming revenue.

Luke Clare, Co-founder, Managing Partner, Grayhawk: “The ideal plant controller produces and provides accurate and timely financial information that is vital for growing manufacturing companies. They control plant operations by providing support to different teams around the production facility. All of these teams need to be moving in the same direction at the same speed to achieve maximum success.

Plant Controller – The Experts

Extensive interviews, scientific assessments, background checks, reference checks, skills validation, and onboarding—just some of the practices Grayhawk diligently employs. This Secures its reputation as the industry’s highest-grade finance executive search specialists.   

Grayhawk: We’ve Got It Under Control!

Luke Clare