Is Your FP&A Team Boosting Your Share Price?

Is Your FP&A Team Boosting Your Share Price?

Do you know if the managers and directors of your company’s FP&A team are providing a realistic, rolling forecast? Are they responsibly sourcing, analyzing, and interpreting past company performance, capital expenditures against ROI, and contemporary and developing market trends? Are they ensuring that operational obstructions are properly identified and that your financial targets remain in sight?  Or are they leaving your corporate strategy in a state of stagnation? 

Grayhawk Search is a group of Finance Executive Search specialists. We are devoted to the exploration and procurement of high-grade FP&A talent from around the world. We know exactly who you require to build or upgrade the FP&A team ideally suited to your organization. And whether you’re an established business with an eye on continued growth, or a promising startup looking to establish yourself in a competitive marketplace, Grayhawk is ready.



FP&A Team Skills

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is the arm of a company’s finance organization. It is responsible for foretelling a company’s profit and loss over a three-to-five-year period. In short, financial planning and analysis is a key ally in the definition and pursuit of operational targets. Typically, responsibilities under the FP&A auspice include:

  1. Evaluation – A deeply diagnostic examination of all company assets and investments, facilitating an accurate determination of the ratio of expenditures to ROI 
  1. Assessment – Reviews of all product and service lines, establishing a hierarchy of profitable commodities and an account of all workflow inefficiencies
  1. Analysis – From cost analysis —i.e. the measurement of the cost-efficiency of all internal and outsourced contributors—to the variance variety, contrasting rolling forecasts against actual performance
  1. Forecasting – The creation of genuinely measurable forecasts based on comparative studies of historical financials against contemporary performance, creating a three-to-ten-year corporate direction identifying risks and determining opportunities  
  1. Consulting – Educated advice on capital allocation as it pertains to key acquisitions and other expansions into the marketplace
  1. Reporting – The creation of a monthly “CFO” or “Senior Management” book incorporating all of the above as well as any additional concerns that may be expressed by external shareholders   


Your Financial Planning & Analysis Dream Team

The financial future of your company is anchored on your Financial Planning & Analysis team’s prognostications. It’s therefore imperative that the members of your FP&A team conform to the ideal mix of professional credentials, key characteristics, and career distinctions constituting top candidacy. According to the highest standards maintained by Grayhawk, this combination includes…

  •   Experience – A minimum of 10 years of applicable experience
  •   Analytical Acumen – A significant analytical skillset, including a demonstrated facility with BI and all major reporting tools
  •   Financial Acumen – A high level of commercial intuition
  •   Quantitative Abilities – A demonstrated facility with data and numerical evidence  
  •   Problem Solver – A born problem solver, able to identify and address obstacles from the hidden to the complex 
  •   Communicative – Excellent communication skills, with a natural aptitude for building and maintaining relationships   
  •   Personality – An influencer and motivator, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills
  •   Tech Savvy – Advanced computer software skills, including the ability to write macros in Excel and alternate accounting packages
  •   Qualified – A professional qualification, such as CPA or CFA


Special Projects – Team Player

Grayhawk is accurately aware of FP&A’s periodic role as a team player in the support of an organization’s special projects. In fact, Grayhawk is an internationally renown FP&A talent “headhunter.” Grayhawk’s FP&A candidates are additionally screened for their facility in the following areas: 

  •   M&A – A demonstrated talent for identifying potential acquisition targets, buy-side support, integration, and divestitures
  •   Process optimization – A facility for identifying and resolving synchronicity issues between technical systems and/or tools
  •   Market research – The ability to properly assess the spectrum of a given market, including the identification of leaders, laggers, and any untapped competitive advantages
  •   Capital allocation – A proven capacity for the proper administration of organizational capital as it pertains to operational requirements and prospective opportunities


The Grayhawk Search Team

At Grayhawk, our extensive hiring process includes hours of interviews, scientific assessments, background checks, reference checks, skills validation, and onboarding. As a result, we can confidently offer the longest warranty period in the financial talent search industry.

Is Your FP&A Team Boosting Your Share Price?

Sourcing a seasoned, savvy FP&A arm is a crucial determinant of your operational success. No one is more aware of this competitive advantage than Grayhawk, your conduit to top international FP&A talent.   

Luke Clare, Co-founder-managing Partner, Grayhawk: “A vacancy or deficiency for any amount of time in the Director or Manager of FP&A position can have a real impact on your organization. Grayhawk excels in filling these roles in an efficient and timely manner, while offering very strong warranty periods that provide comfort for our clients.”


Grayhawk Search

A great team will attract great talent.  

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