GRAYHAWK Recruits Strategic V.P. Finance Executive for PFC Brakes in South Carolina


As America’s leading brake technology specialists, the only thing PFC Brakes can’t put a stop to is success. PFC’s standing starts with the company credo, proudly emblazoned on their website:

“We have built our company on a defiant philosophy: NO

Given their premium on excellence—check that. On exceeding excellence—why would PFC compromise when looking for a VP Finance?

This award-winning juggernaut, located in Clover, South Carolina, has been redefining calipers, discs, and brake pads in its state-of-the-art production plant since 1984. That same year, after launching their revolutionary non-asbestos friction material under the CarbonMetallic brand, PFC recorded its first NASCAR win, establishing a long and fruitful relationship with that iconic institution. Countless patents and just as many awards later, PFC went on to become the official supplier to Porsche Motorsports, Indy Car, and SRX – the Superstar Racing Experience.

But the road to becoming a highly successful name brand includes having a strategic leader for their finance department. This invaluable position would have to be filled by a goldplate aspirant, one not only responsible for financial planning, auditing, and reporting but who could stand on a reputation as a bona fide visionary, able to play co-strategist in the company’s quest to reach the summit of the industry.

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After an exhaustive two-year search, PFC turned to a company whose reputation, like theirs, was staked on a history of uninterrupted accomplishment: Grayhawk Search. As leading Finance Executive Search professionals directly responsible for scouting and securing high-grade talent from around the world, Grayhawk was imminently familiar with the talent-stocked nooks and crannies easy for the common eye, even one such as PFC’s, to overlook.

Given the green flag, Grayhawk immediately began to apply its time-tested toolkit to the task. Grayhawk aggressively scouted and solicited high-caliber finance talent from far and wide, with a special emphasis on the surrounding areas of Charlotte and Fort Mill Township.

In so doing, Grayhawk once again affirmed its expertise as persuasive promoters of its clients’ culture and future—a task made easier, in this instance, by the continued success, aspirational appetite, and brand-name client list of PFC Brakes.

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In time, Grayhawk had an impressive list of criteria-matching contenders for PFC, candidates who not only exceeded all qualifications but who shared the company’s ambitious financial foresight. So, a new problem for PFC: who to pick from such an impressive list? Talk about the proverbial “good problem to have”! PFC tackled it, of course, as they do everything, with vision, testing, and painstaking attention to detail.

…and Grayhawk Search, who, in successfully satiating yet another sizable need, secured its reputation as North America’s leading supplier of preferred, proven, and professional performers.

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Luke Clare