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Is your finance team executing on your corporate strategy? Are they delivering on key metrics that is driving increased shareholder value?


A Targeted, Tested, and Timely Fit: What’s Missing in Your Finance Department?

Is your finance team properly executing on your corporate strategy? Are they delivering on the key metrics driving shareholder value? Is your team spearheaded by a bona fide business leader, a CFO with an innate understanding of the unique dictates of your organization, a facility for working both independently and as a member of a team, and a constructive appetite for the demands of acquisition or expansion? 

Grayhawk Search is a group of Finance Executive Search specialists devoted to the exploration and procurement of high-grade CFO talent from around the world. We know who you’re looking for, where they are, and how to procure them, guaranteeing a targeted, tested, and timely fit. 


Targeted Scientific Searching

Unlike garden variety search firms or other “headhunters,” content to cursorily comb CVs and cruise online showcases, Grayhawk’s expansive searches are scientifically based. A U.S. and Canada search leader for over fifteen years, Grayhawk is an industry leader in deep search expertise, having successfully met the needs of over 5,000 clients in the software, tech, digital, industrial, services, CPG, and manufacturing sectors —a 96% client success rate. 

Each success story is predicated on cutting-edge search platforms, digital lead generation, data science analytics, and psychometric science. By applying this structured process, Grayhawk is able to consistently locate high-quality hidden candidates, experienced talent exemplifying the key characteristics of a model CFO:    

  • Strategic – A strategic-minded individual, demonstrating an instinctive understanding and an active mastery of all aspects of your distinctive corporate strategy.

  • Proactive – A candidate willing to extend and embed themselves in the greater market, driven by a willing facility to work with advisors and other partners on time-consuming transactions, such as acquisitions or fundraising.  

  • Team Focused – A candidate at ease completing tasks independently or in the context of constructive collaboration.


TestedWho We Look For

Christian Dallaire, V.P., People, Culture, and Customer Experience, Kivuto Solutions – “Each search produced high-quality candidates for us to review in an efficient time, with the most recent search successfully placing our current CEO.”

As leading experts in the Strategic Finance Executive Search industry, Grayhawk has cultivated a sound, historical knowledge of densely populated talent pools regularly overlooked by competing firms. We know where to look, how to look, and who to look for:

  1. Proven Talent – Odds are the ideal candidate is currently employed. Targeting engaged talents is a Grayhawk specialty, persuasively luring their services by lauding the benefits of the opportunity in question and itemizing the professional and cultural value they would bring to the position.

  1. Finance Exclusive – Grayhawk’s exclusive concentration is on senior finance engagements, using its structured search expertise to delve the fathoms of the finance sector for the best aspirational candidates.

  1. Cross-Industry Expertise – Consumer, CPG, B2B, Digital, Software, Tech, E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech, MedTech, CleanTech, Services, Industrial and Manufacturing. Grayhawk has successfully recruited and supplied top talent for them all, affirming its in-depth knowledge of the signature demands of a wide swath of diversified industries.                                           


Timely:  Time is Money

Luke W. Clare, Managing Partner, Grayhawk Search: “I’ll speak with a CEO who is looking for a CFO, run into them again 6 months later, and they still haven’t hired someone. Meanwhile, their company is missing key milestones. Addressing that time-money pitfall is one of the biggest values we provide. And between freeing up the CEO’s time and the immediate value that the new CFO brings, it more than covers the cost.”

Contingency recruiting firms base their business on periods of low warranty, typically ninety days. To accommodate this quick-fix premium, due diligence on the investigation of prospective candidates is dangerously compromised. 

At Grayhawk, our extensive hiring process includes hours of interviews, scientific assessments, background checks, reference checks, skills validation, and on-boarding. As a result, we can confidently offer the longest warranty period in the financial talent search industry.


What’s Missing in Your Finance Department?  Grayhawk

Fraser Sutherland, VP, Sutherland Investment Group, CIBC Private Wealth Management – “The professionalism and diligence demonstrated is incredible.”

Look for candidates no more—look to Grayhawk, for the provision and verification of peak financial performers with the acumen and direction to propel your organization over its next horizon. 

Cierra Campeau


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